An Inside Peek At Google’s Data Centers

Google released last week at its GCP Next event a cool clip on YouTube which takes you on a virtual tour in their data center. You can even take a look around (a 360° view) by simply tilting your smartphone, which is pretty neat. The tour gives a glimpse of how Google’s data centers are built, from compute racks, storage and networking to power and cooling.

Why would Google bother giving such an intimate inside view? To increase credibility in its Google Cloud Platform, by providing visibility into aspects such as the design for scale, reliability, and security. As part of that effort Google recently started sharing its data center design, and even open-sourced some of it. Google’s recent strategic move in this direction was joining the Open Compute Project (joining Facebook, Intel, Microsoft and others) and donating its data center’s rack design to the open community.
For more on this, check out this post.



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