Samsung Launches IoT Open Cloud and Artik IoT Platform

On last year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Samsung announced its new Smart Home Service, which was followed by the acquisition of SmartThings for smart home hub (you can read my coverage on both in this post). Then on this year’s CES conference Samsung reinforced the statements, stating that within five years all of its hardware will be able to connect to the Internet, and putting great emphasis on openness and vendor collaboration as the way to fulfill the IoT promise. On his keynote at CES2015, Samsung President and CEO Boo-Keun Yoon said that

Without this kind of openness, there won’t be an Internet of Things because the things will not fit together

Samsung has been pursuing openness by actively collaborating in several open standardization groups in the IoT field, such as Google’s Thread Group and the Open Interconnect Consortium, as well as investing in an open developer community. Samsung’s aforementioned acquisition SmartThings is also an open platform, compatible with several different smart home standards.

Now Samsung is taking it another step forward, with the recent announcement of SmartThings Open Cloud, a new open software and data aggregation cloud for the Internet of Things (IoT), which is coupled with Samsung’s SAMI architecture. The new platform promises to ease the lives of device manufacturers and developers when coming to innovate with connected devices and related applications.

In attempt to make it easier for developers to build IoT solutions, Samsung also recently launched Artik platform, with an initial suite of modules optimized for performance, battery life and small form-factor, to meet the typical range of IoT use cases. The modules come in different specs, with built-in sensors and hardware security, and supporting various communication protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the popular IoT protocol ZigBee. The Artik platform comes with development tools and open APIs that aim to ease the development. Samsung is initially opening the platform only to a limited group of developers as alpha users.

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