OpenStack Kilo Is Out, Major Updates on Bare Metal, Containers, NFV And More

OpenStack’s latest release, code-named Kilo, is out. And it brings some interesting updates. The most prominent part is by far Ironic, OpenStack’s bare-metal provisioning support, which is officially released. It will enable provisioning of VM-based as well as container-based deployments on top of bare metal machines using same familiar APIs and conventions. The community keeps on promoting containers and make them available as first citizens on the new features.


On the networking side Network Virtualization gets attention, with port security for OpenVSwitch, VLAN transparency and MTU API extensions. IPv6 is now also supported, allowing the extended address space to fit current demand and proliferation of connected devices which come with the Internet of Things (IoT).

On the storage front, Swift now supports, in addition to replicas, also erasure-coded storage, so users can choose the right tradeoffs per case. Kilo also brings container-level temporary URLs which allow time-limited access to a set of objects in a container. Kilo also offers improvements to global cluster replication, storage policy metrics and full Chinese translation.

Other aspects addressed are support for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud models in Keystone Identity management, and automated provisioning and orchestration of entire application environments in a single template, much similar to Amazon’s CloudFormation.

Not less important is the great emphasis given to maturity, stability, scalability and usability of OpenStack, subjects of much debate and major barriers of adoption by organizations. We are yet to see if that brings smoother adoption of OpenStack in the industry for production use cases.

Read the full details here.


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