Amazon Acquires Internet of Things Startup 2lemetry

Amazon has quietly acquired the Internet of Things startup 2lemetry, which offers ThingFabric – a platform for the integration of connected devices across enterprises. Though no formal press releases clarified the details of the deal, sources at Amazon did confirm the deal to TechCrunch a few days ago. Amazon however did not share what it intends to do with the acquisition, and whether it indeed relates to 2lemetry’s IoT platform or to its retail beacon services or facial recognition technology.


The acquisition comes as no surprise, as 2lemetry has been exploring integration with Amazon’s cloud services (AWS) for a while now. Most recently 2lemetry’s engineering has been exploring how the AWS Lambda service works together with the MQTT IoT communications protocol (an OASIS standard) and 2lemetry’s ThingFabric. Another interesting direction for integration is with Amazon’s Kinesis big data stream processing cloud service, plugging in terabytes of data feeding in from hundreds of thousands of IoT sensors via 2lemetry’s platform.

Amazon has been trying to position its AWS cloud services with respect to the Internet of Things, with analytics services in the cloud or connected devices such as Amazon Echo. AWS mission statement says that

Amazon Web Services provides the services, security, and support to connect the Internet of Things on a global scale.

Amazon’s recent acquisition is probably a response to the moves by its public cloud competitors, most notably Google’s investment in the Internet of Things. Interesting to note that 2lemetry is part of the AllSeen Alliance open standards group for IoT. Amazon’s new arm in the AllSeen Alliance is a match to Google’s own arm in the Thread Group open standards group (via its Nest acquisition). Now awaiting Amazon’s and 2lemetry’s official statements of the joint path of the IoT in Amazon’s cloud.

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