Oracle Buys Datalogix, Extends Cloud and Big Data Offering

Oracle yesterday announced buying Datalogix. Datalogix provides big data analytics service, using social media sources to analyze consumer behavior, such as Twitter and Facebook (which in itself invested heavily recently in big data analytics capabilities).

This acquisition joins other acquisitions Oracle made in this field in the past year: the acquisition of BlueKai cloud-based big data marketing platform earlier this year, and the acquisition of Responsys, a cloud-based B2C marketing platform, one year ago (December 2013).

This last move is aligned with Oracle’s ongoing strategy to strengthen its position in the cloud, an area which shows significant growth in revenues for Oracle. This comes after Oracle has been loosing business in past few years as more and more businesses moved to the cloud, served by the likes of With their cloud strategy, Oracle can dare forecast for next quarter around 33% revenue growth from SaaS, IaaS, and most interestingly PaaS, an area Oracle only recently entered, with Java and Database as a service. Adapting to the new reality and embracing the cloud appears to be a wise move for the company. The combination with big data analytics and social media is a powerful one, and Oracle identified its potential. I would expect to see this taking a more significant part as the company’s growth engine in 2015.

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